Minnesota Not Playing With North Dakota Until Fighting Sioux Nickname Is Changed

GOPHERS GAWK AT SCHEDULING SIOUX UNTIL LOGO FIX: The University of Minnesota doesn’t want to play with North Dakota until they change their clothes:

Gophers Sioux mascots

The MINNESOTA DAILY reports that the Big Ten school will not schedule any athletic events with its northern neighbor - except men’s & women’s hockey - due to Dakota’s Fighting Sioux nickname.

A spokesman said the school is just following a policy they created in 2003 to discourage their teams from hosting any nonconference schools that feature American Indian images on their logos or with their mascots.

Since North Dakota is primarily a Division II school, there hasn’t been much chance of the Sioux facing the Golden Gophers in anything. However, ND does play one sport at the Division I level - ice hockey.

North Dakota Sioux hockey

And the on-ice rivalry between the next-door states always generates plenty of revenue for the Minnesota coffers. So it’s still safe to see the Sioux skate into Mariucci Arena, but women’s softball and men’s cross country are out of luck.

Do the new rules also mean the Florida State Seminoles won’t be visiting the Metrodome anytime soon?