Gophers Don’t Want Fans Throwing Fans At Them in St. Cloud

GOPHERS HOCKEY HOPES TO AVOID ST. CLOUD BLOWOUT: The University of Minnesota hockey team travels to St. Cloud State this weekend, and the Gophers want to blow off chances for a repeat from their last trip.

Last November, fans ended up pelting the players … with fans.

St. Cloud rink & fan

Before the game, hand-held battery-operated fans were handed out to those in attendance. By the end of the game, many of those mini fans were given by the hockey fans to the Gophers, and not because the visiting team asked for them.St. Cloud athletic director Morris Kurtz was disappointed in the resulting re-distribution, saying “We did not expect the giveaways to end up on the ice with the extra security we hired.”

Despite the free fans, cooler heads didn’t prevail.