Minn. Gopher Recruit Gallops After Strip Club Visit

EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY tits … er, tips us off to the tail … er, tale of a Minnesota football recruit who canceled his commitment after being taken on a trip to a strip club.

Minnesota Gophers mascot Goldy strippers legs

The DAILY NEBRASKAN uncovers the story of Lydon Murtha, a high school all-American who was all set to go to the Gophers - had his guests not brought him to a gentleman’s club:

On Murtha’s recruiting visit to Minneapolis in December, his hosts took him and a group of recruits to a strip club. The recruits were given wristbands at a bar so they could drink for free. Murtha didn’t like it.

When did Minnesota start using the Colorado system of recruiting? Has Gary Barnett made his way to the Twin Cities?

Anyway, Murtha decided to decommit from his home state school. And Minnesotans weren’t too happy:

Radio talk shows made Lydon out to be a traitor. Newspapers said he was high maintenance. He’d be back home by the time fall camp ended in August, they said. After his switch people called the Murtha home venting their frustration. So (Lydon’s mom) Kimberly Murtha cut off their means of contact - she unplugged the phone for a week.

So, where did Lydon end up? Nebraska, where the Daily says Murtha “fell in love with the place.”

But when it comes to recruits changing their minds, the Huskers aren’t so harmonious, either:

When Nebraska recruit Allan Evridge got fed up with the instability of Husker football in early January, he decided to go to Kansas State. Mysteriously, two of the tires on his car were slashed soon after.

Have fun in Lincoln, Lydon!