Minn. FB Coach Uses Twitter to Insult Sportswriter

To paraphrase Dan Patrick, you can’t stop Twitter’s popularity in the sports world, you can only hope to contain it. Whether it’s Shaq inviting diner customers to say hello, Stephen Jackson showing his sketches of nude ladies packing heat, or the NBA finding a new way to fine Mark Cuban, the social technology seems here to stay.

Tim Brewster

And with such an explosion of popularity, it would only be a matter of time before some sports figure would use the easy updating tool to type up something he or she might regret. (Mark Cuban doesn’t count because he regrets nothing!) And that figure might turn out to be Minnesota football coach Tim Brewster.

C.J. of the MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE informs us that the Gophers’ gridiron head honcho had used the Twittering technology to state a sizable slam against fellow Strib columnist Patrick Reusse. The Twitter message reportedly read like this:

How would you like to wake up in the morning and look in the mirror…… if your [sic] Fat Pat.

Because Reusse is rather on the large side, you see. And apparently Pat & Tim haven’t been on the best of terms in the Twin Cities.

Brewster was supposedly told by school staff to take the post off his Twitter account - but not before a bunch of folks saw it. When alerted to the ridicule of Reusse, C.J. pursued Patrick to get his reaction. Although he didn’t see the actual Twitter post, he wasn’t surprised by it:

Friday afternoon I tracked down Reusse, who had heard all about this, and he said, “Coach Brew has detected that I’m overweight and that makes him an astute observer. And this situation could in no way lessen my opinion of him.”

But it did for Ron, the emailer who informed C.J. of Brewster’s big comment:

“Brew should probably worry more about the upcoming season than local scribes. For a guy who was supposed to be better at dealing with the media than Glen Mason, I just don’t see it and I am very disappointed.”

Ron does have a point. Tim maybe should worry less about the weight of local press and worry more about losing to North Dakota State.