Ministry Helps ‘Hawks Rock On w/New Team Song

Since “Dollar” Bill Wirtz shuffled off the liquor distribution coil last fall, his son Rocky has slowly started righting the Chicago Blackhawks through the kind of wise leadership that even Jeffrey Loria is occasionally capable of. There are now home games on local TV. Bob Pulford has been promoted to Vice President of Don’t Touch That Over There. Budgets have finally been allocated to such minor needs as player salaries and team marketing.

Al Jourgensen and the Keys to the City

Rocky Wirtz has even dialed back the amount of organ music in the United Center in favor of music created some time after Chuck Berry’s arrival on the scene. Therefore, it’s only slightly less surprising to hear that Al Jourgensen, the leader of the industrial metal gods Ministry, wrote a little ditty about the ‘Hawks and the Blackhawks organization loves it.

From the bitchin’ press release:

“Though containing trademark intensity and guitar riffs, “Keys to the City” is less a traditional Ministry song, but more a classic sports anthem in structure. Built around a drum/bass line that recalls Garry Glitter’s (sic) “Rock n’ Roll Pt 2,” the song is a rallying cry for Blackhawk fans.”

When you think about the Blackhawks’ new hard rockin’ anthem, think “Gary Glitter but without all the pederasty“.

The song dropped this week with a charity kickoff event at the (televised!) home game against the Ducks, where 200 Ministry fans won free tickets to hang out with the ol’ chap and hear the new song for the first time. Now the song is available on iTunes to pump you up on your drive to work and get you through your first morning cross-check of that jackass from accounting.

As jarring as “industrial metal icons” and “NHL franchise” may sound together in a press release, credit the Blackhawks for listening when a Chicago rock legend approached them with this new idea and deftly tying the song to charitable efforts; all proceeds go to Blackhawks Charities. Each small move like this endears the team to the city just that much more.

Of course, Rocky Wirtz still gets the tradition that his father and grandfather have with the franchise, which is why this is still the official theme song of the Chicago Blackhawks: