McCready’s Mom Confirms Connection w/Clemens

The mother of Mindy McCready admits that her daughter was involved with Roger Clemens, but that the relationship was strictly platonic.

Mindy McCready Roger Clemens

The FT. MYERS NEWS-PRESS reports that Gayle Inge confirms that Mindy & Roger have known each other since back in the day when she was an aspiring 15-year-old singer & he was a hurler for the Red Sox:

They met here (in Fort Myers). I think it was at a karaoke bar, but I couldn’t say for sure. They were friends. That’s about all I could tell you.

But as far as any sexual relationship between the two, Inge responds, “I could never verify that. I don’t think it was true.”

And Gayle isn’t so thrilled about the new revelations of her Mindy macking with Roger:

Inge said she wished people would stop talking about the relationship and focus on McCready’s career, which includes an upcoming new album and a reality show.

“There are a lot of things that are happening in her life,” Inge said. “And there are things that are going on right now.”

Um, these alleged amoral allegations are probably the best thing to happen to McCready’s career. Clemens is already in the spotlight over his supposed steroid use, and now Mindy can join in on his celebrity buzz.

Who even knew McCready had an album & TV show coming out? Well, now they do, thanks to Mindy reportedly rogering with Roger. It’s a sad but true statement about show biz - any publicity is good publicity.