Millionaire Pitcher Mark Buehrle Cuts Off Father

The father of White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle has been on hand to witness many of his son’s career highlights. But Buehrle’s 1,000th career strikeout wasn’t one of them.

MArk Buehrle bag of money

Last night Buehrle, who signed a $56-million deal last year, achieved the accomplishment at Dodger Stadium. But his dad missed out on the moment because of “prohibitive” airfares.


Blame inflated airline prices and Mark Sweeney for John Buehrle not being able to see his son record career strikeout No. 1,000 during a 6-1 victory for the White Sox on Tuesday night before 43,900 at Dodger Stadium.

With the cost of last-minute travel from the Midwest to California a little bit too prohibitive in this specific instance, Mark Buehrle was on his own with one out in the eighth inning and sitting just one strikeout away from this milestone. Buehrle needed just two strikeouts when the night started, and that second came when [Mike] Sweeney went down swinging on a 1-2 offering.

Prohibitive? He should have had a charter waiting for Poppa.

How prohibitive could it have been? How can he cry about how he struck two people out because he couldn’t comp a plane ticket for his dad? How many times did Dad drive him to baseball practice? Feed him? Buy him worthless stuff? It’s tightwads like Mark that are killing the economy for all of us. That money’s not gonna spend itself, you know.