Miller Beer Sign At Wrigley Field Cuts Down Brewers Sausage Races

MILLER JEERED OVER WRIGLEY SIGN CUTTING DOWN CREW: WTMJ-AM reports this week on a Miller Beer ad sign erected outside Wrigley Field for the recent Brewers-Cubs series which read “We’d prefer a pennant race to a sausage race“.

Miller Beer Sausage Race Wrigley Field Sign

The sausage race is a reference to the Brewers’ well-known Mascot race at Miller Park.

The predictable take of Jon Byman of Milwaukee’s WTMJ-AM was that the ad board “could be taken as a suggestion that the company was rooting for the Cubs,” and/or could “also be seen as a slam on the Brewers sausage race.

The inference has Miller backpedaling. Company spokeshole Julian Green: “What it was intended to do was create some chatter. There are fans who may have looked at the sign and took it the wrong way, but we are behind the Brewers.

One fan emailed WTMJ and wrote he and his son “were immediately enraged — I am a loyal Miller Lite drinker, but seriously rethinking that. … I am emailing Miller today!”

Byman reports the sign outside the right-field bleachers at Wrigley “changes so that it is specific to every series” the Cubs play at home. And it ain’t exactly a shock that “likelihood is that [the ad] will not go up” for the Brewers’ next Wrigley Field visit in August.

Diora Baird

As far as the sign’s message, “we’d prefer” daily champagne showers with Diora Baird, but we all know that only happens once a century. Stay classy, Cubs fans!