Milana Dravnel Upset That Oscar Photos Only Sold For 70000 Dollars

STRIPPER SELLOUT FINDS OSCAR PICS PRICE A REAL DRAG: Today’s Oscar De la Hoya-in-drag update is brought to you by PAGE SIX, which reports that the purveyor of the delicious De la Hoya pics “has seller’s remorse - especially because she sold photos of the boxing legend allegedly in drag for only $70,000.

Oscar De La Hoya

Milana Dravnel: “I can’t believe we did this! For $70,000 you let them take advantage of me? What is going to happen to me? I’ve crushed a million hearts of kids.”And Page Six has more bad news for Oscar as “others are supposedly coming forward to parrot her original account of what happened with the fighter.

Oscar De La Hoya Whore

True, as X17Online rolls out the newest accuser - a woman named Maria who claims to be the primary picture taker.