Milana Dravnel Now Denies Authenticity Of De La Hoya Photos

STRIPPER’S AWKWARD ANNULMENT OF DE LA HOYA AFFAIR: The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reports that Milana Dravnel, the Russian stripper who is behind the De la Hoya tranny photos, is now backtracking on her story about the veracity of the images (yeah, we know, this is getting good, hehe).

Milana Dravnel

Dravnel: “I cannot personally verify the authenticity of the images. … (the photos) were taken from my personal camera and were out of my control. I was pressured into going public with the photos by certain individuals who had improper motives and acted solely for their own financial gain. I have not received any money from the sale or use of these photos.

The 19-year-old Russian immigrant claims that De la Hoya and/or his reps have nothing to do with her recanting. But based on her carefully-worded statement to the NYDN, we have no doubt that De la Hoya’s thugs (legal and otherwise) got her to ralph up that awkward annulment of the affair.