Milana Dravnel Behind Oscar De La Hoya Photos, Claims No Sex With Boxer

WOMAN BEHIND OSCAR PICS REVEALED; CLAIMS NO SEX!: Thanks to England’s NEWS OF THE WORLD, we now have the name of the woman responsible for the Oscar De la Hoya cross-dressing photos: Milana Dravnel.

Oscar De La Hoya

The Russian topless dancer who now claims to be a model, tells the UK tabloid that she met De la Hoya at a strip club in New York last year (Scores) and that “She and three of her pals met him in a series of hotels, on his PRIVATE JET and at his Palm Springs HOME.”

Milana Dravnel

She revealed a few of De la Hoya’s fetishes, which included: “He once asked all the girls to dress as men so he could play the role of the only woman in the group. The dad-of-four then sat on a chair behind one of them and pretended it was a MOTORBIKE.“Milana laughs: “He was acting like a girl on the back, grabbing her round the waist screaming ‘Faster! Faster!’.

Is there anything more unbelievable than that? Actually yes. Dravnel claims that the two never had sex.

Meanwhile, the NEW YORK POST reports De La Hoya pal Mario Lopez said the boxer was “laughing it all off.” Lopez: “He wasn’t upset. He was sort of laughing … He’s really not sweating it.

If that’s true, why did De la Hoya’s reps rush out a memo to the media last week that the photos were fake?

UPDATE: Dravnel is now backtracking on the photos, sort of.