Miked-Up Mediasaurus Napalmed Into Stone Age

Apparently WFAN-AM’s Mike Francesa spent one of the 27 consecutive live hours of his daily show (live from Queens!) ripping into ESPN.com columnist Bill Simmons. Called him a “stooge” and a “fraud.”

Bill Simmons Mike Francesa

In the old days, if Simmons was a newspaper columnist, he’d have very little recourse. Back when Francesa mattered to under-54s outside the Tri-State, sports radio was the medium of immediacy.

Not anymore.

Now Simmons can respond in seconds to his hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter, while reaching many more via re-Tweets.

Which he did, with the simple:

“Wait a second, Mike Francesa thinks that I’m the one who’s a “stooge” and a “fraud”.”

And then Simmons posted this absolutely delightful video:

Okay, let’s not get carried away with the overall number of people who care about this. In truth, most of the folks paying attention are media junkies, Francesaphiles and those made aware of Francesa by Simmons’ (now-former) undying love of Francesa’s old show, Mike and The Mad Dog with Chris Russo.

But in my pathetic existence, I live for these kinds of confrontations.

A unwieldy, rapidly-fossilizing mediasaurus like Francesa getting napalmed in a rain-down response from Simmons.

God I love the internet.

Does this mean I’m easily amused?