Mike Wilbon Back At Keyboard After Heart Attack

No one has forgotten about Michael Wilbon, who suffered a “mild” (is there such a thing?) heart attack in Monday’s early morning hours.

Michael Wilbon

Wilbon writes of his ordeal in Phoenix in the WASHINGTON POST today: “my first ambulance ride, a trip to the emergency room, angioplasty, and a dramatic lifestyle change that now calls for heart medicine, insulin injections and daily blood-pressure checks . . . or else die early.

For the first time in my life, I was admitted to a hospital and stayed there for two more days — and found out that not only wasn’t I indestructible but that I now would be a full-fledged, insulin-dependent diabetic.

As you would expect, Wilbon received countless calls, notes, flowers and balloons from concerned friends and acquaintances. But he only detailed the comments of one such, rather unlikely, well-wisher.

Wilbon: “But two things left me speechless and of a mind to reevaluate a lot of stuff. The phone rang while I was in my hospital bed Monday night and the voice on the other end said: ‘This is Jeff George. I was calling to tell you I’m thinking of you and praying for you.’

Yep, Jeff George. No. 3 in your program. For years and years, especially during his brief time in D.C., I was pointedly critical of George. I’m sure some of it was over the top and unnecessary. Yet he was big enough to put that aside and call with get-well wishes. He told me about his father having a heart attack when he was about my age, 49, about lifestyle changes and how families respond with support.

As Jeff George said in our conversation the other night: ‘This is definitely manageable. And you’ll do it. But it doesn’t mean you’re in total control. This whole thing should help you learn the difference.’

We’d heed George’s advice. If anyone knows about intercepting something early, it’s him.