Vick’s ‘Ride Or Die’ Baby Momma Tells Off ‘Haters’

With the media seemingly sated on the Michael Vick story, Vick’s girlfriend Kijafa Frink, slipped onto a Philadelphia hip-hop station this morning to talk about the couple’s current lifestyle.

Kijafa Frink Photos Talks About Life With Michael Vick

(Kijafa Frink (future Vick doco star!) slips onto Philly radio to confront ‘haters’)

Interesting stuff. Transcript and audio after the jump.

DJ Kendra G., who is a college friend of Frink’s, initially noted that Frink continues to wear “designer clothes” despite Vick’s pending personal bankruptcy.  Frink responded:

“It’s not like you don’t have money to pay your bills, continue to drive what you drive. They don’t take all your homes or your clothes. At least not in our bankruptcy situation.”

Frink  on when she’s getting married to Vick:

 I can’t tell that date. … I would love love love a very extravagant wedding, we’re just going to have to see and plan accordingly. It’ll be next year.

In other words when/if Vick gets paid.

Frink went out of her way to point out her loyalty to Vick during his ordeal, prompting Kendra G, to say, “I know you’re ride or die chick.”

Frink: “Ride or die.”

More Frink, who is originally from North Philadelphia:

It’s the ultimate blessing he’s back playing football and I’m back in Philly with my mom … who watches the kids for me, a lot!

I don’t know if a bunch of you haters out there are listening, but we have support. They love Mike, love love love Mike. We’re in the street, he gets mobbed, there’s so much love.

Frink on the rumor Vick visited a strip club in Virginia upon his release from prison  - and immediately before he met with Roger Goodell in New York:

That story is completely and utterly not true, it’s funny because Michael was actually on his way to meet with the commissioner when that story came out. Everyone laughed about it, the commissioner knew it wasn’t true. He was in New York that night.

What they were trying to do. They wanted to get him in trouble. I guess whoever saw him thought he was violating his probation.They called his probation officers, the Eagles …

If you listen to the piece, Frink doesn’t come off as a gold digger. Sounds more likely someone fiercely loyal to him. Who has his best interests at heart.

And knowing Vick’s support system, I think she’d probably be drummed out of his life by Tony Dungy & Co. if that wasn’t the case.