Blog-O-Rama: “Mike Tyson’s Knockout” On Stage

• FAN IQ punches up this amusing video of “Mike Tyson’s Knockout” - the Off-Broadway version:

• SIGNAL TO NOISE documents the latest drama at Staples Center - and it has nothing to do with Kobe.

• HUGGING HAROLD REYNOLDS serves up this fun quiz - tennis player, vodka brand, or Bond villain?

• DEADSPIN horses around with news that Central Park will be putting up a statue of Barbaro - upside down.

Barbaro Upside Down

• The LADIES… pass the bean dip, as they present ‘How Not To Throw A Super Bowl Party‘.

• THE BIG LEAD learns that Roger Clemens elected to move his chat with Congress to Super Tuesday.

• THE HATER NATION gets Ram tough in roasting Georgia Frontiere.

Georgia Frontiere

• THE WORLD OF ISAAC wishes Tigers broadcaster Ernie Harwell a Happy 90th Birthday.

• BALLHYPE’s COLLEGE HOOPS JOURNAL hears Virginia Tech fans giving a rousing cheer of “Teabag Paulus.”