Mike Tyson Poop For Purchase

• 100% INJURY RATE has the scoop on how you can own Mike Tyson’s poop:

Mike Tyson Punch Out

• EVERYDAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY puts on the pounds in devouring these week 1 college football cupcakes.

• SIBERIAN BASEBALL contacts Child Services, as your kid can be under the guidance of Ozzie Guillen or Lou Piniella for a day.

• HOLLYWOOD TUNA has these hair-raising photos of baseball clothing entrepeneur Alyssa Milano and her unshaven arms:

Alyssa Milano

• AWFUL ANNOUNCING tries to figure out why exactly Colin Cowherd will be in the booth this Friday for ESPN’s Washington-Syracuse matchup.

• SLATE has no bones about the Michael Vick coverage offered by ProFootballTalk.com.

• ARMCHAIR GM notes that Kirk Herbstreit is just peachy about Penn State this season:

Kirk Herbstreit drums

• Not to be outdone by PSU’s use of PS3s, THE SPORTS HERNIA jogs its joystick to news that Gators coach Urban Meyer has Tim Tebow training with Tecmo Bowl.

• HEISMAN PUNDIT gives their list of early front runners to make the trip to the Downtown Athletic Club in December.

• STEROID NATION rages on about how much Tim Couch was pumped up for his attempted NFL comeback:

Tim Couch

• EPIC CARNIVAL slices in with news of Houston Rocket Rafer Austin’s cutthroat dealings.

• MADJACK SPORTS antes up on the betting lines for Michael Vick’s prison stay.