Tomlin Eyeing eBay For Old Pittsburgh Playbooks

Ever since “Spygate” had swept the nation - including its intersection with his own Steelers - Mike Tomlin has been taking extra caution to keep team information under quarantine. His biggest concern these days - eBay.

Mike Tomlin eBay

The PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW reports that the football coach has his eyes on the website, keeping a vigilant lookout for any playbooks or other personal paraphernalia that could jeopardize Steelers secrecy.

Well, actually, he has someone else do it:

Tomlin has a staff member check eBay to see if any old Steelers playbooks are on sale (and, of course, to purchase them if they are up for bidding).

The topic of gameplan secrets in the Internet age came up during Tuesday’s media breakfast at the NFL owners’ meeting in Florida. Tomlin says he remembers seeing a Steelers playbook from a couple of years ago up for bids on the site.

But realizing he may have said too much, Mike tried to smokescreen his confession by declaring that the Cleveland Browns were the team to beat in the AFC North - hoping such a statement would confuse the media & make them forget about his eBay admission.

In the meantime, Tomlin - or rather, his staffer - will continue to scan the site, searching for the next Steelers playbook to pop up.

Steelers Playbooks on eBay

Better keep an extra eye on bidders rcrennel05 and mlewis03.