Mike Singletary’s Wife “Wishes He Was White”?

Ann Killion of the SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS on Saturday had a puff piece on Kim Singletary, wife of NFL legend & current 49ers head coach Mike. Predictably, Killion tells us that Kim is there to temper her husband’s insane intensity, which also applies to everyday endeavors like folding laundry. (God, I feel for their kids.)

Mike and Kim Singletary

But in the midst of the piece, Kim, who is white and met Singletary as a freshman at Baylor, breaks off a rather bizarre line.

The young Baylor students forged a strong friendship. They also shared a faith in God. But Kim had never envisioned herself in an interracial relationship. She kept thinking, “I’d sure like to meet someone like him who is white.”

Killion, who was obviously dead-set on polishing the Singletary’s image, never pressed Kim on the comment. So the remark ended up as a non-sequitur.

Reading what Kim said out of context, you probably aren’t all that surprised by her comment (which is actually presented as a thought), considering that the couple met at a mostly-white, christian university in backwater Texas.

But in the column, we also find out that Kim is actually from Detroit. Hmmm.

OK, we know Kim isn’t a racist. But the comment still comes off as a little strange. My guess is that Kim was trying to point out her closed-minded thinking when she first met her future husband. Obviously, to her credit, she overcame it.

There aren’t many people who could get away with that comment, but safe to say Mike Singletary’s beleaguered wife gets a pass.