Mike Price Ready For A Return To Coach Washington State

JUAREZ’S LADIES IN THE WINDOW FRAUGHT WITH WORRY: The TACOMA OLYMPIAN reports today that UTEP football coach Mike Price is searching his El Paso home for all those stray singles, as he prepares to move back to Pullman, WA., to coach at what he calls “my school”.

Mike Price UTEP

Price brought Washington State a modicum of success while coaching the Cougars, and now is clearly campaigning for a return after four years at UTEP and five minutes at Alabama.Price: “If they want to talk with me, that’s fine. It’s my school, and I’m a Cougar, so I would almost have to sit down and visit with them.

Mike Price

Apparently concerned over the effect Price’s departure would have on Ciudad Juarez’s red light district, UTEP is doing what it can to keep the coach: “The AD is working hard to keep me here. I’m happy here.”

Destiny Stahl Mike Price

But we’re guessing El Paso won’t be the location of his last Happy Ending, especially considering Price’s extensive experience in courting Cougars.