Mike Penner Los Angeles Times Transsexual Sportswriter Is Now Christine Daniels Update On Reaction And More Details


Los Angeles Times

• The LOS ANGELES TIMES has a comments page set up for people who want to weigh in on Mike Penner/Christine Daniels’ transsexual admission today.

As of 3pm PT, there are around 500 comments and in the later posts, there are numerous references to earlier negative comments - most of which were apparently deleted by LAT moderators.

• Penner/Daniels had been married to fellow Times sportswriter Lisa Dillman. The two are now divorcing.

• An LAT source tells SbB that Penner/Daniels had not been seen in the Times offices for months. He works out of his house and writes the Morning Briefing column based on sources (web, wire, radio, TV) that don’t require reporting. Penner/Daniels hasn’t covered a beat in years, so he doesn’t have any interaction with athletes or sports figures of any import - nor does he now attend games as a working media member.

• The media reaction I’ve heard, seen and read today has been 100% supportive except on message boards and comment areas where posters can hide behind a cloak of anonymity (which is one of the reasons I don’t run comments on SbB).

• Penner/Daniels isn’t the first openly-out transsexual sportswriter, Christina Kahrl (formerly Chris), is the Managing Editor for the online sports site “Baseball Prospectus”.

Christina Kahrl Christine Daniels Mike Penner

She has a piece today about Penner/Daniels which indicates that she had been counseling him/her for some time before the announcement today. Kahrl also writes that the reaction to her transformation has been nothing but positive from her colleagues.

• Read my earlier post about how the Times buried Penner/Daniels’ piece in the sports section, yet trumpeted it on the front page.