Mike Modano Married the Next Anna Nicole Smith

Mike Modano knows how to score: 525 goals, 749 assists, and a Stanley Cup should be sufficient proof. Also, he married Willa Ford last year. That’s what lawyers and Latin geeks call prima facie evidence.

Willa Ford & Mike Modano

And now Mrs. Mike Modano has completed filming of a teleplay based on the life and times of Anna Nicole Smith. Guess which part she plays?

The film does not have a release date or willing television network as of this moment, but cinematic greatness on this scale does not need a traditional delivery vehicle. The mere existence of this giant film epic allows it to be injected straight into our brains through airborne methods. No blood-brain barrier can stop the world from soaking in this movie.

Not that a YouTube trailer wouldn’t hurt, either:

If Lindsay Lohan can be Marilyn Monroe and Willa Ford can be Anna Nicole Smith, can we be far from Sarah Silverman taking on the salacious role of Phyllis Diller? (Answer: Yes. Yes, we can.)