Lobos: Welcome To Punch-A-Coach-For-Free Day!

New Mexico Athletic Director Paul Krebs met with the assembled Albuquerque media today to discuss an altercation between New Mexico assistant football coach J.B. Gerald and Lobos Head Coach Mike Locksley.

Mike Locksley Admits To Punching Assistant Coach J.B. Gerald

(Univ. New Mexico: Where you can punch an employee and it’s no biggie!)

Gerald recently filed a police report claiming that Locksley punched him during a coaches meeting on Sept. 20.

Locksley released a statement acknowledging the alteraction:

“I apologized to Coach Gerald, the coaching staff and our team for my poor judgement. I would also like to apologize to Lobo fans. Like I remind our players, when mistakes are made, you acknowledge them and deal with the consequences.”

Well since Locksley didn’t say what his “mistake” was, how do we know he even needs to apologize? (Don’t answer that.)

Now that we know Locksley clocked Gerald, enter New Mexico Athletic Director Paul Krebs.

Following the obligatory “we don’t do that sort of thing here” empty reprimand , Krebs made it clear during the presser that he has absolutely no intention of doling out any meaningful discipline in the direction of Locksley.

Based upon what I know about the incident, I dont perceive this to be a (suspendible offense).

Kreb was also was sure to buttress his do-nothing approach by noting Gerald’s incomprehensible decision not to press criminal charges against Locksley.

Meanwhile, Krebs didn’t indicate what Gerald’s future employment status with the football program would be, but based on Gerald making this all public and embarrassing the school, safe to assume his UNM employ is tenuous at best.

The saddest part of this is that Gerald didn’t press charges. If he does that, Locksley gets the punishment he deserves, and Gerald most likely gets some sort of settlement from the school or at the very least the satisfaction of having done the right thing.

Now he’ll likely soon be out of a job and a pariah in college football coaching circles.