Coach Mike Leach Has Been Fired by Texas Tech

Mike Leach has been fired by Texas Tech.

Mike Leach Fired

Leach attorney Ted Liggett made the announcement inside a Lubbock courtroom today following his meeting with Judge Bill Sowder and Texas Tech officials in Sowder’s chambers.

The firing comes one day before Leach was to receive an $800,000 “completion bonus” from Texas Tech.

Fox 34 reports:

Before the hearing this morning, Mike Leach’s personal attorney, Ted Liggett, received a letter from Texas Tech signed by President Guy Bailey terminating Leach’s employment.

According to the letter, Leach is in violation of Article Four of his contract. That’s the performance clause, which deals with the health and welfare of players. 

The hearing never took place. Pat Campbell, general counsel of Texas Tech, gave Liggett the termination letter in the Sowder’s chambers.

Liggett has confirmed he will file a lawsuit against the university on behalf of Leach, with the primary aim of the legal manuever to get Leach’s job back - not a contract settlement.

Liggett also announced there were more details in the case of the school versus Leach that the university did not want public - which is why Leach was fired before the public hearing.

When Liggett announced Leach’s firing to a crowd gathered in the courtroom, one person in attendance yelled, “Well you’re going to have a bunch of empty seats in that stadium, who’s going to buy tickets?” Another woman said, “I can’t believe this!”

Leading candidates for Leach’s job: Sonny Dykes, Art Briles, Kevin Sumlin, Ruffin McNeill.

From Chris Level, sports radio host in Lubbock and publisher of

Sonny Dykes just told me that he would take less money at Texas Tech to bring in the best defensive coordinator he could for the Tech job.

The 3pm press conference for Tech players and coaches in San Antonio has been canceled.

Online poll from Lubbock’s ABC affiliate, KCBD-TV:

Mike Leach Poll

Texas Tech Administration = Athletic Director Gerald Myers.

Myers is currently getting savaged by Tech fans on local sports radio shows.

Here is the letter Texas Tech sent Mike Leach by Texas Tech President Guy Bailey on December 23 informing him of the allegations against him and possible penalties he could face:

Letter To Mike Leach From Texas Tech

 Joseph Duarte of the HOUSTON CHRONICLE reports:

Former University of Houston and current Baylor coach Art Briles is considered the leading candidate to replace Leach. Briles, who just completed his second season with the Bears, has strong ties to the West Texas region. He is a Texas Tech alum and was an assistant coach with the Red Raiders before becoming head coach at UH.