Holmgren Has Sights Set On Slimdown In Seattle

Mike Holmgren wants to be known as a loser. But the Seahawks coach doesn’t mean defeat on the field - he’s talking weight loss.

Mike Holmgren losing weight

Jim Moore of the SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER chews the fat with Holmgren, and the coach’s attempt to become a lean, mean play-calling machine. Since starting his diet ten weeks ago, Mike proudly proclaims he’s lost about 25 pounds.

So, who does Holmgren have to thank for his decreasing waistline?

The same person Kirstie Alley, Queen Latifah, and Valerie Bertinelli have turned to - the one & only Jenny Craig:

Holmgren speaks highly of his counselor. He has weekly weigh-ins and looks forward to them. He won’t weigh himself at home because he wants to be pleasantly surprised at the Jenny Craig office when he finds out how much he’s lost.

“I want to hear the drum roll,” he said.

Holmgren’s weight loss can be attributed to his daily exercise & change of eating habits, meaning a farewell to cheeseburgers & wine:

“The whole idea is to learn to eat differently,” said Holmgren, who will turn 60 on June 15. “There are a lot of fruits and vegetables and salads. I’m OK with it. I like apples and oranges for snacks.”

On the Jenny Craig plan, you eat Jenny Craig meals, and he’s all right with that, too. “The food’s good, I like the food,” he said. “They just don’t give you very much of it.”

We hope the folks at Jones Soda can concoct a special diet soft drink to help Holmgren battle his heaviness. Maybe something like “Mike’s Not-So-Hard-To-Stay-Healthy Lemonade”

And to further melt away the pounds, fellow Seattle resident Richie Sexson offers up his own specialized workout, featuring a sprint to the pitchers mound followed by a Texas Rangers helmet toss.

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