Holmgren Hanging Around Seattle For 1 More Year

The SEATTLE TIMES snows it’s good news that Mike Holmgren will be spending one more season with the Seahawks.

Mike Holmgreen

The coach announced on Tuesday that 2008 will be his last season in the Pacific Northwest. (Unless he gets a job with the CFL’s B.C. Lions.) But before he decided to stick it out, Mike had to get the okay from the wife.

Holmgren stated, “Kathy and I came to a decision this weekend to finish my contract, and we’re very happy about it,” while adding, “We’re going to go after it hard one more year.”

We’re sure the little missus likes to hear that. But did Mike make the right decision in coming back for an encore?

The TIMES has an online poll asking, “Are you pleased that Mike Holmgren is returning to coach the Seahawks at least one more season?

The results:

Mike Holmgen Seahawks poll results

Seems pretty conclusive. How about a toast - to Holmgren and his farewell tour!

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What’s your poison - Sports Cream, or Perspiration?