He’s A Man! He’s 41! Happy Birthday, Mike Gundy!

Happy Birthday, Mike Gundy! The Oklahoma State football coach famous for his Youtube-cherished “I’m a Man!” rant turns 41 today.

Mike Gundy ranting

Bill Haisten of the TULSA WORLD shares what fun activities the Cowboy coach has planned for his special day. Surprisingly, Mike wants it subdued:

“I don’t look forward to birthdays anymore. To be honest, I’d rather be 40 than 41,” Gundy said. “It’ll be a normal birthday for me two-a-day football practice. Kristen (Gundy’s wife Kristen) will bring a big cake up here for the team.”

Exciting! While passing out the cake pieces, any chance for an encore performance of Gundy coming to pieces himself? Not likely, as Gundy grumps, That thing has gotten so worn out.”

However, lost in the birthday celebration is the fact that Mike’s “I’m 40!” boast is no longer valid. Therefore, much like George Lucas splicing in Hayden Christensen at the end of “Return of the Jedi”, and Steven Spielberg replacing all the guns in “E.T.” with walkie-talkies, all online videos of Gundy’s post-game growling will now have to have the audio digitally altered to reflect the coach’s new age.

Here’s the original clip for all you tech geeks to work on:

Remember, this was all after Okie State won the game.