Mike Ditka Wanted To Be a Dentist

SAY “AAAAAAAAAAAH!”; DITKA WANTED TO BE A DENTIST: Mike Ditka, former Chicago Bears coach and NFL all-pro tight end, explained why he chose to play his collegiate years at the University of Pittsburgh.

He wanted to be a dentist.

Mike Ditka Hermie the Dentist Elf

During last night’s 49ers-Cardinals snoozefest nail-biter, ESPN booth-minders Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic were chatting it up to make the time go by faster, which is always a good idea when the Niners and Cards match up.

Mike 1 and Mike 2 told the viewing audience (all 3 of you) that Mike 3 played as a Pitt Panther while he studied dentistry. But it wasn’t meant to be, as Da Coach admitted he had trouble with “all the chemistry and all the physics classes” - so he chose a career path more suited to breaking teeth than fixing them.

Mike Ditka dentist

The Mike Named Golic expressed how much fun it would be to have your molars checked by Dr. Ditka: “Can you imagine sitting in the chair, and having (Ditka) come in, and tell you (in a gruff voice) ‘Open your mouth!’? I’m running out the door.”