Mike Bellotti Fakes Out UCLA To Get Big, Fat Raise

The PORTLAND OREGONIAN reacts in hushed tones today to a report in the ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER that Oregon Coach Mike Bellotti is talking to UCLA open the school’s football coaching vacancy. The P-O notes that “Nobody at Oregon denied the interest is mutual.

Mike Bellotti Oregon

It’s only mutual in the sense that Bellotti knows that he can use the scenario to possibly extract more jack out of the Ducks. We can’t think of too many jobs Bellotti would leave Eugene for, and UCLA certainly isn’t on the list. The compensation at the school is embarrassing low and Westwood’s well-monied boosters won’t be dropping a boatload of cash on a football coach anytime soon - Bellotti included.

Mike Bellotti Colleen Bellotti

Then again, with the installation of mini-bar in Bellotti’s Rose Bowl suite, we might be talking a deal.