Mike And The Mad Dog Take Over Don Imus WFAN Morning Slot For Now

MIKE AND MAD DOG TO DUST OFF THE OLD CLOCK RADIOS: The NEW YORK TIMES reports today that WFAN-AM’s Mike Francesa and Chris Russo of the “Mike and the Mad Dog show” will take over Don Imus’ morning drive slot for now. The move may be temporary.

Mike and The Mad Dog WFAN

Meanwhile, the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER notes CBS Radio had Imus syndicated through broadcast partner Westwood One on 61 stations throughout the country (most affiliates outside of tri-state area were lowly-rated with the show not always offered live).

WFAN Vehicle

The future plan for that syndication setup is unclear at the moment. It will likely be junked, as Imus’ clearance on those scattered stations was tenuous at best. In my opinion, if Imus had had ratings somewhere, ANYWHERE, and/or quality-cleared stations throughout the country, he would’ve kept his job.