Miguel Cabrera Has 153 Million Reasons To Eat

The Detroit Tigers and the rotund third basemen have reached a tentative agreement that would give Miguel Cabrera the fourth-richest deal in baseball history.

Miguel Cabrera Frosty

The contract would pay Cabrera an average of just over 19 million Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers per season.


Cabrera, 24, was eligible for arbitration in 2009 and could become a free agent after the season ended. He will earn $11.3 million in 2008, and then an average of $19 million per year through 2016.

Cabrera and pitcher Dontrelle Willis joined Detroit as part of a trade with Florida in December…Cabrera joins an imposing lineup that includes Ordonez, Gary Sheffield, Carlos Guillen, Ivan Rodriguez, Curtis Granderson and Placido Polanco. The Tigers also acquired shortstop Edgar Renteria, a five-time All-Star, in a trade with Atlanta this offseason.

That’s a sickening plethora of offensive excellence. Tigers fans have to think this is pretty sweet. Sixteen years ago, the Tigers barely finished above .500, and now they have to be the favorites to win the American League. It’s amazing what a big difference there is when you spend just a few more million dollars extra each year.