Miguel Cabrera Blows .260 After 911 Call At Home

It’s hard to imagine a worse way for Miguel Cabrera’s weekend to have gone this past Saturday, short of criminal charges being filed. It’s bad enough that Cabrera - the Tigers’ main source of power in the lineup - is mired in a 1-14 mini-slump at the worst imaginable time for the team, what with a one-game playoff looming tomorrow. No, the off-the-field behavior is making things a lot worse.

Miguel Cabrera scratch 1

Prior to Saturday’s game, reporters had noticed a prominent scratch on the side of Cabrera’s head, a scratch Miggy had attributed to a “large dog” before tersely changing the subject. As you can imagine, that’s probably not at all what happened - or if his dog really did attack him, it’s only because Cabrera was blind drunk and involved in a domestic dispute that had his wife calling 911 for help at 6 that morning.


Cabrera allegedly upset his wife, Roseangel, by waking his 4-year-old daughter as he talked on a cell phone when he came home. After a brief struggle, she called police from an upstairs bedroom, Birmingham Police Chief Richard Patterson said Monday. Police later took Miguel Cabrera from the home.

“I need help please … ,” a sobbing, barely coherent woman whispered to police in a 911 phone call reviewed by The Detroit News.

After several attempts, she identified herself, provided police with her address and said her husband had been drinking and had hit her. Police arrived at the home on Fairfax within a few minutes, and a visibly intoxicated Miguel Cabrera opened the door.

You can listen to the 911 call here, courtesy of the Detroit News. There’s not much in it that the paper didn’t already cover in the story, but still, it’s always unsettling to hear someone calling 911.

Making matters worse, depending on your opinion about these things, Cabrera had been getting completely wasted with an unnamed member of the White Sox - the team that was busy submarining the Tigers’ chances of locking the division up in the regular season. There’s no word on how he got home - sweet Jesus, we hope he wasn’t driving - but it’s only afterward that the real trouble started.

As mentioned before, Cabrera was drunk at downright historic levels - a .260 is more than three times the legal limit for driving, and usually more than enough to knock out all but the hardiest of souls. How he was playing baseball instead of lying on the couch with the shades drawn is beyond us, though his 0-4 with six stranded runners might be an indication of how well he was feeling.

There’s really no way to look at this situation and conclude that Cabrera was acting with any responsibility. Not to his team or his family, not even to himself. And that, more than any criminal charges (which both he and his wife are declining to file) or suspension (which his team has refused to do, even as GM Dave Dombrowski picked Cabrera up from the police station at 7:30 Saturday morning), is a damning indictment of Cabrera’s actions that night/morning.