Migraines To Blame For Harvin’s Erratic Behavior?

Vikings speedout Percy Harvin has about as bad a rep as any rookie who has ever come into The League. From testing positive for weed at the NFL combine to the accusations that he used throughout his college career and even choked out his position coach at UF, safe to assume dude isn’t going to to be getting the benefit of the doubt anytime soon.

Percy Harvin Migraines To Blame For His Erratic Behavior?

Last week he missed practice for the third time this season due to what’s been reported as an illness, which naturally has flushed out skepticism as to his dedication.

But today Judd Zulgad and Chip Scoggins of the MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE presented a possible reason for Harvin’s somewhat erratic attendance: Migraines.

Harvin said he had suffered migraines since middle school and that he has been able to sleep them off in the past. But he required medical attention after a severe bout as a sophomore. Harvin said he experienced nausea and dizzy spells along with the headaches and spent time in the campus health center. He received painkillers, medicine and fluids to combat the effects.

“By the sixth day, my mom and everybody was just crying,” he said at the time. “There was nothing anybody could do. I just had to cry myself to sleep some nights. It got that bad.”

Harvin reportedly missed two games with the Gators in 2007 because of the condition,  and said that the headaches were the reason he missed Thursday and Friday practices last week in preparation for the 49ers game.

Harvin though didn’t say if his previous illnesses with the NFL team were migraine-related. Though the Vikings did confirm they knew about his condition from his days at UF.

I’m certainly not defending some of Harvin’s past, questionable behavior. Nor am I casting aspersions at those who view Harvin’s motivation with a measure of wariness. The should. But if Harvin has indeed suffered serious migraines throughout his life, I think it’s reasonable to assume that his condition may have lead to some of his alt-lifestyle choices.

And just think, if the Vikes soon move to L.A., as some have erroneously suggested,  Harvin will be availed myriad endorsement opps overnight.