Midwest Airlines Strands Passengers For Brewers

Hundreds of thousands of passengers have been stranded by airlines after the FAA required repairs to their MD-80s. Even our own eponymous shop owner found himself stuck in Texas following the Final Four. The process has been maddening and the responses from the airlines have wavered between inadequate and snotty.

Airport delays

(Not pictured: The Milwaukee Brewers)

Unless you’re the Milwaukee Brewers, of course. When Midwest Airlines has to ground all its charter MD-80s for similar repairs, Ben Sheets doesn’t have to sit in the terminal for 18 hours and incur bed sores on his bottom that put him on the 15-day DL. Instead, Midwest pulls a commercial Boeing 717 out of stock just for them.

Of course, what else should Midwest Airlines do: strand a major league ballclub at the airport for hours on end with cameras pointing at Corey Hart complaining while Prince Fielder desperately tries to find a meal inside the terminal cooked without beef fat? That’s nonsense. Better that they take this minor heat from a snarky blogger than major heat from MLB.

Still, it highlights a larger point: the airlines cannot stop embarrassing themselves because of previous decisions made for reasons of thrift and/or incompetence that are made worse by decisions today. Hey, there’s something sports fans in Milwaukee can relate to.