Mickey Mantle’s “F*** Yogi” Autograph On Sale

Darren Rovell of CNBC turned up this fun piece of Mickey Mantle memorabilia recently:

Mickey Mantle F Yogi Ball


It’s of course referencing the Yankees catcher Yogi Berra, who Mantle played with for so many years. Mantle and Yogi got along just fine. But some collectors have said that when Mantle wasn’t in his best form, you could get him to write almost anything.

This apparently was a good test.

The NSFW image of the ball is after the jump.

Mickey Mantle F Yogi Ball

You can buy the ball, no doubt inspired by a highball, for $2,750 at this auction site.

Whatta deal! That is, so long as you saw this before Bob Costas and Billy Crystal.