Mickey Hatcher Needs To Stop Hitting The Sauce

Okay, it wasn’t Mick. He was in the clubhouse at the time, tipping the Olive Garden guy for Scioscia.

Drunk Guy On Rocks At Angels Stadium

(Told the wife he was off to get a Frosty malt)

Jim Fergosi? Bobby Knoop? Doug Decinces?

Video after the jump.

OC REGISTER’s account:

Fans got a little comic relief in the bottom of the sixth inning when a fan climbed out onto the rock pile in center field and splashed in the fountain.

Police weren’t laughing, however and dragged him quickly to a holding cell behind the stadium.

The distraction came while Angel outfielder Juan Rivera was up to bat, temporarily halting the game. Police warned before the series began that any trespassing onto the field or other prohibited areas would be strictly prohibited and punishable by a misdemeanor charge

“Punishable by a misdemeanor charge”? Now there’s a deterrent.

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