Michigan Fun-Haters Axe Player For Bad Drug Deal

When Michigan offensive lineman Kurt Wermers left the team and transferred to Ball State last month, he blamed the move on the new culture surrounding the program, a claim quickly debunked by the fact that he was academically ineligible (and then further buried by Brian at MGOBLOG).

Justin Feagin
(One of the bad guys? Pleeease.)

In fact, Wermers had no idea how wrong he was. Now, just a few weeks after his departure, Michigan has dismissed another player, Justin Feagin, for the flimsiest of reasons: he was involved in a failed coke deal that ended with retaliatory arson at his dorm and another student facing felony charges. C’mon, what’s wrong with any of that?!

The DETROIT FREE PRESS has the trivial-at-best details:

Feagin’s downfall started with a cocaine deal, detailed in U-M Department of Public Safety police reports. The coke deal ended with a U-M dorm room on fire, a fellow student headed for jail and Feagin back home in Florida. 

Feagin said he had not sold drugs in Michigan. But fellow student T.J. Burke, who had met Feagin through Michigan walk-on receiver Ricky Reyes, told police “it was common knowledge that Feagin sold marijuana” and that Feagin “hung out at our house lots of times smoking pot.”

In Feagin’s first semester on campus, he and Burke hatched a plan for a cocaine deal.

“I was talking to him one day about how broke I was and somehow this idea came forward,” Burke told police. “I had heard about Feagin possibly making deals for people but never witnessed anything firsthand.”

The two sent $600 to Feagin’s connect back in Florida, known only as “Tragic”. (Indeed.) He was supposed to send an ounce of cocaine in return, at which time he’d receive another $600. The yayo never arrived, Burke got angry, and boom goes the dorm room.

Burke’s now in jail on felony arson charges for damages over $12,000, and Feagin’s back in Florida. He had planned to transfer to Appalachian State, but they’re balking now in light of the report, which means they’re clearly fascists too.

After all, this is America. If you can’t swindle a fellow student out of $600 when he doesn’t have that much to spare to begin with - then incite him to try to burn your dorm down - without losing your football scholarship, well, what’s to separate this nation from NAZI GERMANY? It’s ridiculous.

Now that that’s off our chests… who wants an 8-ball?