Michigan Football Soap Opera Kicks Into High Gear

Oh boy, this is gonna get ugly. It’s only been, what, four hours since the esteemed Mr. Jacobi wrote about the developing situation up in Ann Arbor regarding Michigan’s “voluntary” workouts, but it appears that the entire Michigan football team is now about to erupt into a Taiwanese Parliament fight. If any football fans out there thought the Wolverines would get back on track this season and surprise the (many) doubters, you might want to think twice about that.

Michigan Football


A new group of current and former players is now claiming the original group of current and former players are full of crap and no rules are being broken. Teammates calling each other liars, parents threatening other parents…this ain’t your father’s Big Ten football.

MGOBLOG.COM has apparently spoken to some players parents, who allege that nothing untoward is happening up in Ann Arbor. Of course, one might argue that players and parents arguing in the media is untoward, but that’s neither here nor there. One snippet from MGOBLOG:

[MGOBLOG] has talked with the parents of a couple guys on the team. Mike Forcier, whose two elder kids have been at Michigan, Stanford, and UCLA:

“I haven’t read the article yet, but I also haven’t heard anything about over practice, or anything like that.

“I’ve had three sons in college football now, and they’ve all gone through the same things so far. Tate has been doing the same things as his brothers were at UCLA and Stanford.”

This is gonna be fun. Ohio State? Michigan State? Grab a bat and come on down; everyone’s gonna get a turn. Say what you want about Michigan’s historically bad season last year…at least the team wasn’t fighting in the media, calling each other liars and cheats. Maybe they’ll all come to their senses and do what every public figure ends up doing in a situation like this: blame the media!