Michigan AD Set Miles Adrfit to Enjoy Florida Boat Show

MICHIGAN AD SAILING MILES AWAY FROM COACHING HIRE: Last weekend, when LSU coach Les Miles was thinking of jumping ship for Michigan, where was the athletic director?

Apparently out to sea:

Old boat

Michael Rosenberg of the DETROIT FREE PRESS reels in the news that while Miles was awaiting word from Ann Arbor, no one in the athletic department could find AD Bill Martin.One source said that Martin had set sail for Florida last weekend, enjoying a boat show at a Key Largo yacht club. But efforts to contact the UM AD netted nothing.

So, was it absent-mindedness on Martin’s part for fleeing the scene when Les came a-looking? Or did Bill bolt on purpose, believing that Miles wasn’t the right match?

Michigan fan phone

Jim Carty of the ANN ARBOR NEWS notes that Miles’ agent George Bass tried to contact Martin on his cell phone twice, and never got a call back.And when the media tried to get a hold of Martin on Tuesday, they got the same response - nothing. A school spokesman said the AD was in New York for a football awards dinner.

Maybe his phone batteries are low. Or maybe he needs a new network.

Luckily (or not) for the Maize & Blue, there’s still time to talk, as the Tigers won’t give Miles a new contract until after the BCS title game.

Kirk Ferentz fan

If Les is no more, there’s always Plan B with Kirk Ferentz.