Michelle Wie’s Fall Semester Will Include Q-School

For teenagers, September generally isn’t the best month of the year.   It generally just signifies the end of summer vacation and a return to school.   Michelle Wie is still a teenager, and although she’s made herself some money playing golf the last few years, she’s no different than the rest.

Michelle Wie

However, unlike all her fellow teenagers, she’s not going to be taking Calculus this semester.  No, she’s going to be taking classes at the LPGA’s qualifying school (no word on whether or not English 101 is a part of the curriculum).


Unable to earn her card through sponsor exemptions, Michelle Wie has entered the LPGA Tour qualifying school and will play the first stage next week on the California course where she first rose to fame at age 13.

Her father, B.J. Wie, had said at the U.S. Women’s Open that Wie had “no other options” but Q-school if she didn’t make enough money to finish the equivalent of 80th of the LPGA Tour money list.

Apparently sponsors only want to give you an exemption if you win once in a while, which is something that Wie hasn’t done, in the LPGA or anywhere, since the U.S. Women’s Amatuer Public Links in 2003.   She was only 13 at the time.

Michelle did come close to winning an LPGA event earlier this year at the State Farm Classic, but was disqualified after she left the scoring trailer without signing her scorecard (the audacity!).   Hopefully the Q-school will also include a course on signing your scorecard.