Michelle Wie’s Blog Is Surprisingly Entertaining

There was a time earlier this decade when Michelle Wie was labeled by some as the Next Big Thing in golf. Then, as she aged, she slowly progressed from phenom to curiosity to relatively unknown, if not forgotten. It can’t be easy spending one’s teenager-hood under the judgmental microscope of American sports media, but with very few exceptions, Wie handled the pressure and expectations just about as well as one could possibly expect.

Michelle Wie Blog 6

(All growed up.)

Though the harsh spotlight has dimmed, the 19-year-old is still playing on the LPGA Tour. For all the talk of bust and wasted potential, she’s a respectable 16th on the tour money list with nearly $600,000 in winnings this season. She’s also a student at Stanford University who appears, like many college kids, to be growing up and discovering new talents and interests. Thankfully for the world, Wie is sharing those interests with the world via her new blog.

We learn from WAGGLE ROOM that she’s calling it BLACK FLAMINGO, presumably as a reference to black swans and the fact that she’s like forty feet tall, and it turns out that the former child prodigy is quite the artist, fashion designer, and joke-teller. Wie writes:

so i never used be into art or anything about art. i hated art class back in 7 and 8th grade and just dreaded going to that damn art class. but all of a sudden (i’m a junior in college), the artsy fartsy wheels have just begun to spin. I have all of a sudden been obsessed with drawing, painting, spray painting, and anything to do with diy. so here is my first post i guess about my stuff. I dont feel like any of this fit into any category. maybe they do and im just hopelessly clueless about this stuff but i hope u guys what i do. and if no one likes it…then…oh wells…i guess im truly just a black flamingo¬†

Her interests and abilities are diverse, ranging from traditional-style Asian watercolor…

Michelle Wie Blog 1

…to contemporary/abstract art…

Michelle Wie Blog 2

…to spray paint stencils…

Michelle Wie Blog 3

…to dollar-store cat masks…

Michelle Wie Blog 5

…to impromptu fetish-wear dressmaking.

Michelle Wie Blog 4

It’s great to see that, despite a rather unconventional and highly visible upbringing that has been torn to shreds by so many cynical members of the sports media, Michelle Wie seems to be doing just fine. Millions of dollars in the bank, a Stanford education, and a fun-loving artsy side to boot - we should all be so lucky to be labeled “busts.”

[Hat tips and bong rips to the Minnesotan menace of the SPORTRESS OF BLOGITUDE.]