Michelle Wie Spotted on the Stanford Golf Course

MICHELLE WIE ALREADY STUDYING STANFORD COURSES: Michelle Wie has finally made it to school - or at least the school’s golf links:

Michelle Wie Stanford Tree

WAGGLE ROOM reports that the teen tee terror has been spotted on the course at Stanford University, where Wie will be attending this fall. Considering her recent performances, she’s needs all the practice she can get.

And don’t think she was alone out there, as her parents were with her in spirit - and in the golf cart. In fact, Mr. & Mrs. Wie have rented a house near the Palo Alto campus, so they can keep an eye on their bread & butter lovely daughter.

Michelle Wie

Since Michelle has already gone prospecting on the pro tour, she cannot play for the Cardinal’s golf team. However, there’s speculation that she’ll become a volunteer assistant coach with the squad.

With this opportunity, Wie can share the knowledge and experience she’s gathered on the greens with the young Stanford swingers - and also use their facilities free of charge.

See? Only a few days on campus, and she’s smarter already!