Michelle Wie Sits In Fairway Plays With Dolls During Round At LPGA ProAm

WIE SITS IN FAIRWAY, PLAYS WITH DOLLS DURING ROUND: As you know by know, Michelle Wie blatantly faked an injury last week to avoid shooting an 88, which would’ve resulted in a two-year suspension from the LPGA Tour.

And now the BALTIMORE SUN has news of even more trouble for Wie. It seems her playing partners at a Monday Pro-Am in Maryland were livid after a round with her - and complained to LPGA Commissioner Carolyn Bivens about her somewhat bizarre behavior.

Michelle Wie

Rick Maese of the Sun describes the debacle: On the second-to-last hole, she actually plopped herself onto the grass and sat cross-legged in the middle of the fairway, fingering one of the dolls that dangled from her golf bag.

For a moment, Wie didn’t seem to notice that her back was turned to one of her playing partners, who stood just a few feet away and was addressing his ball. She rose to her feet and the group continued the round.

Just as puzzling, on two of the last three holes, Wie didn’t even attempt a putt, scooping her ball as soon as a playing partner sank his and walking onto the next tee.

Michelle Wie

After being confronted by Bivens over her putrid performance, Wie told GOLFWEEK: “I don’t want to think about it too much right now. I have way too many other things to think about. I have housing applications (to Stanford) to do this week.

Pathetic, of course. But this is clearly a case of burnout. Wie is a young girl who wants to spend more time doing what normal young girls do (just read some of her recent interviews).

Michelle Wie

The best thing for her right now would to get as far away from golf as possible. But of course, that’ll never happen, because there’s money to be made by the bloodsuckers who her father has surrounded her with.