Michele Tafoya Is Ditching The NBA For Her Family

One of the nice parts of being a sports blogger is that you can work from your parent’s basement home, and you can do all your writing in your underwear if you like. It’s great, I’m naked right now.

Other jobs in sports media tend to require a lot of travel, which if you have a family, can be pretty rough on you. One person who’s had enough of all the wandering around the country is Michele Tafoya. Tafoya works for ESPN as a sideline reporter on Monday Night Football and the NBA, while doing a weekly gig with Mike Tirico on ESPN Radio. Well, Michelle has decided she’d rather spend more time with her husband and son than interviewing Doc Rivers about his halftime adjustments, which is why she’s dropping her NBA assignment.


“It was a grind, and it was hard on me and my family,” said Tafoya, who lives in Edina with her husband, Mark Vandersall, and their 3-year-old son, Tyler. “At that time I was really thinking about it. We just started re-negotiating my contract, and I just couldn’t do it again. ESPN has been really, really supportive.”

“I might do more radio or some more dot-com stuff,” she said. “But the NFL already takes me away two to three days a week during the season, and I just didn’t want to do more than that.”

Tafoya made the decision during last season’s NBA playoffs when she spent only four days at home during a six week span. It can’t be easy for a mother to be away from her child that much, and considering she and her husband are about to adopt another girl from South America, Tafoya’s decision is pretty reasonable.

Of course, it’s also historic. With this move, Tafoya becomes the first person in history to decide that they want to spend more time in Minnesota.