Blog Jam: Tafoya Joins The Deadspin Hit Parade

Michael David Smith of AOL FANHOUSE tells Buzz Bissinger to make room for Michele Tafoya on the DEADSPIN bash-wagon.

Buzz Bissinger Michele Tafoya

• Meanwhile, MR. SUNSHINE berates Bob Costas in the same show for his snide opinions on sports radio.

• VIKINGS BLOG notes that after his arrest for assault, lineman Darrion Scott won’t likely be asked back to the Metrodome. But we bet Carl Eller would still want him around.

• The BOSTON HERALD reveals yet another woman claiming that Roger Clemens tried to start something - this time, it’s the ex-wife of wrestler Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake.

• WITH LEATHER feels young at heart, as Karl Malone may have gotten Demetrius Bell’s mom pregnant when she was 13.

• DC SPORTS BOG hopes the education was worth it, as Colt Brennan’s staying in school might have cost him almost $1.4 million.

• PRO FOOTBALL TALK hears the latest Brett Favre unretirement rumors, this time from fellow ex-Packer Leroy Butler.

• HUGGING HAROLD REYNOLDS follows the Super Bowl champion New York Giants on their ceremonial trip to the White House.