Michael Vick’s Personal Mementos Bought For $10

While spending his days in prison in Leavenworth, Kansas, Michael Vick’s day to day life is probably pretty boring. He wakes up in the morning, eats, works out for an hour or so, does some work, and then goes back to bed. He also probably spends a lot of time trying not to get shanked.

While he’s inside a prison, life outside the prison walls carries on. The Atlanta Falcons are off to a 2-1 start behind their new quarterback Matt Ryan, and people are buying all of his old stuff at ridiculous prices. One man in particular got an entire storage locker full of Vick’s stuff for a whole ten dollars.

From TMZ:

Vick pulled the ol’ “Paris Hilton” (Ed. note: he shot a prison sex tape in grainy night vision?!) by leaving a bunch of his stuff in a storage locker that hadn’t been paid for. The contents of the locker, stocked with all sorts of Vick’s personal goodies, eventually went on the auction block. Since only five people showed up to the sale, a dude named Edward Howard says he was able to obtain the treasure trove of obscurities for a whopping ten bucks.

Now, Howard says he’s already made a few hundred bucks selling off some of Vick’s bedroom furniture and clothes on a street corner just a few days ago.

Still, just because Mr. Howard bought all of Vick’s remaining possessions for $10 and sold them on a street corner, it doesn’t make him a monster. Sure, he’s selling off Mike’s furniture and clothes, but there are a couple of items he’s holding on to. Like a picture of Vick and his son, a football Vick signed for his son, and other baby memorabilia.

The reason Howard is holding on to these items is because he hopes to meet Vick one day once he’s out of prison and return the items to him. I have no idea how much he’ll charge him for them though.