Michael Vick Will Work Construction After Prison

All that fitness built up through an NFL career is finally going to do Michael Vick some good. According to the ASSOCIATED PRESS, Vick already has a construction job lined up that will begin as soon as he is released from prison.

jackhammer guy

(Michael Vick’s $750,000 per year plan.)

That’s right, a man who was the face of an NFL franchise and arguably an entire city just two years ago is now going to be standing on a jackhammer for a living, because of dogfighting and a crippling bankruptcy case that has left him with little hope of paying back the $11.1 million he owes the Falcons ($6.5 million) and a former agent ($4.6 million). Instead, the best he can hope for is 40 hours a week of hard labor, at least until the NFL agrees to reinstate him.

Vick won’t be released to start the job until July at the earliest, but he could be released into home confinement by as early as late May. Commissioner Roger Goodell has given no indication of whether he’d be willing to reinstate Vick after his release, or whether he would force the former Falcons passer to serve another, league-authorized suspension. Either way, whenever Vick does return to professional football, he’ll be able to keep the first $750,000 he makes before losing the rest to his Chapter 11 creditors.

Naturally, that won’t be a problem in his construction future, unless the wages for ditch diggers and sledgehammer wielders increase significantly in the next two months. And if they do, hey, sign us up! We’re not above working in safety vests if it’ll pay $750G per annum.