Michael Vick Trading Cards Chewed On By Dogs Big Hit on eBay

DOG-CHEWED VICK CARDS GETTING EATEN UP ON EBAY: Chew on this - some Michael Vick cards chomped on by a couple of canines are racking up the dough on eBay:

Dog chewing Michael Vick card

The SOUTHEAST MISSOURIAN sniffs out the story of Rochelle Steffen, an artist who’s been auctioning off Vick trading cards chewed upon by her pets - a 6-year-old Weimaraner along with a Great Dane puppy.

Steffen may be on to something, as the bidding on the 22-card slobbered-on set has reached $6,000. On the escalating price, she commented, “I was hoping for 100 bucks, to be honest with you. This is just out of control.”

Michael Vick Dogs Jersey

(link to the eBay listing here)

On her eBay page, she promises to “do ‘very good’ things with the winning bid…hint, hint.” This refers to the fact that Steffen had to revise her original listing. eBay took it down last Friday because it was in violation of their rules for charity auctions, in which only site-approved charities could be donated to.

If you’d like the chance to snatch up the chewed-up cards, you still has two days left before the auction closes. Money from the winning bid will be donated to the charity of the buyer’s choice, or to Steffen’s hometown Humane Society of Cape Girardeau, MO.