Michael Vick Is Innocent? Really?

Michael Vick is a criminal.

Michael Vick has been cleared.

Oh, really?

The Atlanta Falcons’ slippery QB has to be guilty of something, right?

We admit we have trouble keeping our stories straight on this alleged bong water episode at the Miami Airport last week, one that immediately had Vick cuffed and in an orange jump suit in the court of public opinion but not enough evidence, apparently, in the other court.

Especially when the evidence is being erased as we speak.

It doesn’t’ take away the satirist sting that Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers levied on Vick in the most recent edition of “Saturday Night Live”:

And SNL is already being taken to task for jumping the gun on this one. Really.

You gotta think Vick has a reaction to all this: