Strahan’s Return Ruined By Alimony For Ex-Wife?

If my salary got cut in half the second I walked in my office, I’d probably quit my job. Actually, scratch “probably”. Even if I was getting a multi-million dollar contract from a football team, if my $8 million suddenly became $4 million, well, I’d rethink playing.

Michael Strahan celebrates Super Bowl win

One of the ways your salary can get cut in half is via a nasty, nasty divorce proceeding (now freshly settled!), which GAME ON! points us towards. Such a situation maybe could possibly but not-guaranteed-for sure-explain why Michael Strahan decided to stay in the FOX booth. For now.

See, Strahan just settled his divorce with his wife. And we have no clue how much money she’ll be getting, but it’s a lot:

Giants great Michael Strahan and his ex-wife, Jean, have settled their legal battle over how big a slice of his fortune she should get.

But a fight over how much child support he must pay will continue after an appeals court decided the $214,745 a year ordered by a trial judge is too high.

The Strahans’ agreement on division of assets was sealed by the court, and their lawyers refused to divulge the details.

The retired football star was ordered in January to fork over $15.3 million to his ex-wife - but he only coughed up about half and filed an appeal on the rest.

Here’s the thing though — Strahan was a professional football player the entire time they were married (or they were married the entire time he was a professional football player; either works in this scenario). So it stands to reason, especially if he assumed he would be retired forever, that he and his lawyers would concede to a clause that only gave Jean half the money he made as a professional athlete, not an announcer. Or alternately any income after his career ended.

Of course, that’s pure speculation on my part, but it does make a lot of sense. And even if that particular legal point of view is true, it’s almost guaranteed that Jean’s lawyers made sure Mikey was aware that they would be going — strongly — after half of whatever the Giants paid him to play this year.

So, while $8 million might have been enough to bring Strahan out of retirement, $4 million + the wear and tear of a football season + a tarnished legacy just didn’t equate to more than whatever FOX is going to pay him to laugh at Jimmy Johnson’s jokes.

Either that, or Strahan just had to wait for the ink to dry on the settlement papers, and we’ll see him in the last preseason game. Now might actually be a pretty decent time to take whatever the odds are on Mike making a return to the NFL.