Michael Phelps Still Working On His Breaststroke

As everyone knows, the true reason behind waking up for all of those early morning practices leading up to Beijing isn’t the promotional deals, or the SNL-hosting gigs, or just the overall sense that you’re making your country proud. It’s the ladies. So it’s no shocker to see America’s Champion Michael Phelps already partaking in the spoils of international conquest:

Michael Phelps with the ladies

The photos come from Neel Shah, a writer over at RADAR, who was in Vegas covering a story when he happened upon Phelps in the Palms Casino. There, he caught the 14-time-gold medalist “massively skeeving on girls at the Playboy Club”:

Neel notes that the Olympian was accompanied by an entourage of striped-shirted schmucks, one of whose sole duties appeared to be pointing a flashlight at anyone attempting to photograph the swimmer during his efforts to obtain a gold medal in ass-grabbing. (”It was unreal,” says Neel. “Within moments of entering the club he summoned two girls over… I’ve never seen such an aggressive grip.”)

In retaliation, word on the street is that Stephanie Rice has been frequenting the Chippendales clubs in Sydney, looking for her own gentlemen suitors. Unfortunately she’s been left with some pretty slim pickens. As this exclusive video shows, the toilets aren’t the only thing the Australians have backwards:

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